Emily Rinkema

Emily Rinkema (USA) is a proficiency-based learning coordinator in the Champlain Valley School District in Vermont, supporting standards-based instruction and learning in grades 5-12. She also co-designed and co-taught Think Tank, a class that puts high school students at the center of the educational transformation happening around them. Emily began teaching English and humanities at Champlain Valley Union HS twenty years ago, and was inspired by the progressive philosophy of the school and community from the start. While teaming in a heterogeneous tenth grade humanities class, she became obsessed with differentiated instruction and standards-based learning, applied for a sabbatical, and

Meghan Moran

Northern Arizona University, USA                                                                    Meghan Moran is a Lecturer in the English Department at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ, USA.  She received her PhD in Applied Linguistics from NAU in 2016.  Her research interests include speech production and perception, L2 pronunciation and intelligibility, language planning and policy, language education policy, and linguistic discrimination.  In her position as Lecturer, she teaches first year composition, mentors Graduate Teaching Assistants, and

Dr. Rawlins Williams

 East Tennessee State University, USA                                                Dr. Lee Ann Rawlins Williams presently serves as Assistant Professor and Program Director of Rehabilitative Health Sciences (RHSC-BS) at East Tennessee State University.  Her academic experience includes work with graduate and undergraduate programs focusing on disability and rehabilitation at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Auburn University.  In addition, her professional experiences include work in the field of rehabilitation in the areas of blindness and low vision, general rehabilitation counseling, human resource training/development,

Bill Rich

Bill Rich is the founder of Red House Learning, LLC, committed to helping educators use what we know about the brain to inform what we do in our schools. Bill specializes in working long-term with schools to help educators and systems operate in ways more compatible with how people learn. Fifteen years of teaching middle and high school students inspired Bill to imagine and design better ways for educators and students to learn. So he created Red House Learning; for fifteen years he’s worked full time with educators and school systems. Bill also co-directs What’s the Story? The Vermont Young People


Workshop Title: Using Service Learning to Increase Student Engagement and Language Retention in the English Language Classroom This workshop will highlight the benefits of using service learning as a methodology in the English language classroom. Service learning begins in the classroom and then moves out into the community where students engage in projects such as organizing a clean-up or creating an information campaign. Students engage in higher order thinking through service learning by integrating multiple skills, problem-solving, and reflecting on and evaluating their project. Service learning offers a unique opportunity for students of all backgrounds to use their language and communication

IRCEELT-2021 Workshops

 CRYSTAL BOCK THIESSEN Workshop Title:  Learn and Apply: Using Social Media for Language and Content Application Social media has transformed over the years from a place of entertainment to a contemporary and engaging learning platform that is immediate and personal. Reviewing language and content through social media posts is a great way to help students connect their learning to bigger issues … Read More   GARRETT LARSON Workshop Title: Integrating the four skill areas in language learning: An instructional routine This workshop provides teachers with an instructional routine they can utilize in language classrooms to prepare students for academic courses at