Prof. Dr. Fredricka L. Stoller

Professor Emerita of English at Northern Arizona University (NAU), USA Title: Good News about L2 Reading-Skills Development The ability to read well in English is certainly one of the most important skills needed by students who have academic aspirations. In academic contexts, reading provides a major source of input for learning language and course content. Furthermore, reading typically generates increased interest and motivates students to explore topics further through additional reading.  Yet, skilled reading is not a simple endeavour. The good news is that we can all help our students develop their reading skills, whether we teach reading directly or indirectly

Prof. Dr. John Pijanowski

The University of Arkansas, USA Title: Building Bridges between Vocation and Higher Education Drawing upon the scholarly literature and his own experience creating and leading a professionally focused gateway to higher education program Professor Pijanowski will present how these programs are constructed and offer exemplary models for how they can serve students and communities. When done well these collaborations have dramatic positive effects on student learning, motivation, and higher education attainment. Moreover, students who complete these collaborative programs are better positioned for job placement after graduation and when coordinated with industry leaders can serve as valuable workforce pipelines. We will


International Black Sea University, Georgia Natela Doghonadze, Ph.D. in Education Sciences Program Coordinator, Professor, Doctor. Scientific supervisor of 39 defended Ph.D. dissertations, author of 9 books in ELT and Education, and more than 200 articles. Teaching and research interests cover education, educational psychology, sociology and management, ELT and literature. Title: Teacher burnout and COVID-19 pandemic