International Black Sea University, Georgia

Title: Why doesn’t my Grandson Want to Go to School?

For eight years my grandson more or less willingly went to school, and in the ninth year, something happened. Trying to understand his reasons, I came to some general conclusions. One reason is obvious – this is transition age. But due to this reason, teenagers do not want to study (as my son did), but they do not mind going to school and communicating with their peers. I have come to the conclusion that there are multiple reasons: lack of learning habits and strategies, depth of communication with parents, teacher-centered and non-humanistic style of relationships with teachers, no value which is called “knowledge” transferred to a teenager either by parents or by school (the substitutes for “knowledge” are “assessment,” “grades”, and “success”). It is impossible to avoid the crisis of transition age, but we – teachers and parents – have to make it (and its consequences) as soft as possible. A questionnaire will be offered to attendants to involve them in the research.

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