Dr. Lasha Kurdashvili

Dr. Lasha Kurdashvili is a historian and lecturer with a PhD in American Studies, specializing in History of Civilizations, US History, and Georgian History. He is a committed educator at Tbilisi State Medical University and serves as an Associate Professor at Ken Walker International University. Born in 1991 in Tbilisi, Georgia, Dr. Kurdashvili’s lifelong passion for history led him to pursue American Studies at International Black Sea University in 2007. His academic journey also included studies at King’s College London. In 2017 he earned his PhD as a testament to his scholarly pursuits. Honored with the 2022 Exemplary Teacher Award at Medical University American Program, Dr. Lasha Kurdashvili continues to ignite curiosity and share his knowledge with his students and the broader community. Furthermore, he has also shared his insights as a TEDx speaker, further showcasing his expertise and dedication to education and historical studies.