Garrett Larson

Workshop Title: Integrating the four skill areas in language learning: An instructional routine

This workshop provides teachers with an instructional routine they can utilize in language classrooms to prepare students for academic courses at English-medium universities. Drawing upon empirical research, Motley’s (2016) Talk, Read, Talk, Write, and his own teaching experiences, Dr. Larson will provide practitioners with a cohesive weekly routine that employs all four skill areas (i.e., listening, speaking, reading, and writing). Based on his experience, students who receive such instruction are highly receptive and engaged in the subject matter. This workshop will provide teachers with an additional routine they can add to their existing courses, or they can develop courses around this instructional model. Beginning with the theories and empirical research that support such a routine, Dr. Larson will then provide teachers with instruction, illustrated with examples, on how to develop these lessons for their own classrooms.



Garrett Larson, Ph.D., is currently an English language teacher and invited academic lecturer at IBSU with over 8 years of teaching experience. Dr. Larson holds a Ph.D. in applied linguistics from Northern Arizona University. His research interests include curriculum and assessment design, research methods, L2 speaking, and learner corpora.