Kyla McMillan

Kyla McMillan- USA

Meeting the Challenge of ChatGPT with Creativity from Students and Teachers

Since it burst onto home computer screens across the world in late 2022, ChatGPT has been the talk of the town — making headlines, creating whispers in technology circles, and becoming the center of a debate in education. ChatGPT was immediately labeled the enemy in The End of High-School English (Herman, 2022) and banned in New York City schools (Yang, 2023). However, the fact of the matter is, ChatGPT and similar A.I. chatbots are here to stay. As educators, how can we meet this new challenge and prepare our students for the reality of the world they need to navigate? By developing students’ creativity and critical thinking, we can minimize A.I.’s negative impact. Further, by imagining creative solutions and utilizing ChatGPT in the classroom, we can turn it into a tool for educational progress.